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Well Baked

*Obvious Observation Alert*

It’s hot outside.  <Sigh>

Really hot.  <Sigh>

But not as hot as it’s going  to be. <Double Sigh>

And I am determined not to complain about this hot spell, because I remember freezing my tolio’s off just a few short months ago, yearning for warmer weather. 

And now it’s here. 

And I am grateful. 


At least it’s a dry heat.  And lest you roll your eyes, let me assure you that there truly is a difference.  If you’ve ever been in Florida in late July when it’s what should be a lovely 86 degrees outside, but your skin is puddling on the ground next to you, and the back of your shirt looks like you’ve just run a 5 k, you know what I mean.  Low humidity in high temperatures is a God-send.

And…our roses are flourishing and so is my little herb garden.  I didn’t plant any vegetables this year after all.  I had planned on it but didn’t start them from seed early enough and in the end didn’t want to spend the money on a venture that could very easily have fallen to pieces.  So I just stuck with my herbs.  My sage is struggling, but the basil is growing like crazy!! 

Also, we’ve discovered that by about 7ish in the evening we have almost full shade on our patio.  And I find myself sitting outdoors more and more, reading a book and enjoying the baking heat.  The problem is I only last for ten or fifteen minutes before I feel like a well-done steak.  I have a strategy in mind though…

Back in my single girl days I would hang out at my friend Rebecca’s house and she had a brilliant (and simple!) set-up which involved nothing more than filling up a “kiddie” pool with water and setting up our lawn chairs near (or in) the edge of the pool so we could soak in sun and water.  That coupled with a cool drink made for a nice afternoon outdoors.  Something tells me that hubby would not be pleased with this idea, however.  (Update: I have confirmation that hubby definitely is NOT on board with this).  So I’m going to have to come up with an acceptable alternative that doesn’t involve something as large as a kiddie pool.  Ideas?  Anyone?

At any rate, I have company coming over to sample some homemade chocolate cake (with homemade frosting!) and anyone who knows me well knows that this is somewhat of an anomaly.  So I’m off to enjoy it.  Maybe we’ll sit outside.  With our feet in bowls of water.



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