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Yes, I paid more than a dollar…

I promise some day the bragging will stop.  But today is not that day.  (Sorry ’bout that)

Shopping Trip

I’ve been getting used to pay a dollar or less on most of my couponing grocery trips as of late, so tonight it felt strange to actually lay out a bit of cash.  For the record, I spent $44 and change on the above items.  However, for that price I got:

4 Jars of La Victoria Salsa (.25/ea)
6 packages of Oscar Meyer hot dogs (yay for the freezer!) FREE w/coupons
1 pkg Rhodes Rolls – .68
2 Hershey’s Take 5 candy bars – .50/ea
2 bottles chocolate milk – FREE w/coupons
3 pkgs Kitten Chow (3.5 lb/ea) – 1.80/ea
4 boxes Keebler 100 calorie cookie pkts 1.38/ea
3 cans Mighty Dog canned dog food – FREE w/coupons
4 travel size Dove deoderants – .88 for all 4
1 travel size First Aid kit – FREE w/coupons
2 bottles A-1 Steak sauce – .68/ea w/coupons
4 boxes of Hot Pockets – 1.27/ea w/coupons
1 bottle fabric softener – 1.98 (no coupon)
1 bottle French’s mustard – .78 w/coupon
2 lbs Monterey Jack cheese – 1.99 w/coupon
6 cans Pringles Potato Chips – .50/ea w/coupon
2 JUMBO bottles Listerine – 1.00/ea w/coupon
4 GOT2B Hair products 1.50/ea w/coupon

Had I paid full price for all of the above items, (which granted, I would never do, but let’s pretend..) I would have spent $141.45.  Just by shopping store sales and purchasing inexpensive items, I saved $43.00.  By using coupons, I saved an additional $54.00. 

I must credit A Thrifty Mom for getting me started.  Her blog has been a great source of information and instruction.


3 thoughts on “Yes, I paid more than a dollar…

  1. She is SHAMELESS!! Lol!! I can’t complain, though. Her obsessive nature makes for a lot of success with the coupons.

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