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As many of you know, Albertsons issues their sale flyers every Wednesday.  Typically, you have to pick one up at the store, although if you get the daily paper, they are often included.  We subscribe to the Sunday paper only, so getting a sale ad can be a bit tricky if there are good coupons involved, as the stores usually run out of flyers quickly.

So you can imagine my happiness to discover a small rolled-up paper of sorts in my driveway on Wednesday.  I don’t know why, but we received a single page of comics, with two sale flyers wrapped up inside; one for Wal-mart and one for Albertsons.  And don’t you know, Albertsons is having a double coupon week!

Everyone in my neighborhood got one of these rolled-up “pseudo-papers”

Not everyone picked them up.

This was difficult for me.


Late Wednesday night..we’re talking after 10:30 people…I really felt like I needed to take the dogs for a “walk”.  So I did!  I walked them…one at a time…around a few blocks…and you would be amazed at how many people had not picked up their flyers!!  So I did what any environmentally conscious girl would do..  I performed “litter-control” duties and picked up their flyers for them!  It was a random act of self-serving kindness, really!



When I heard the thunder and saw the lightning last night I thought maybe the Big Guy was trying to send me a message about my late-night activities.  Something along the lines of “Good thing you picked those flyers up before I sent the rain down!  They would have been ruined for sure!”

Yeah…I’m sure that’s what he was trying to say.


2 thoughts on “Confession

  1. yeah my wife also wanted to do some litter control! But i told her no due to conscience reason! LOL

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