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When Good Rebates Go Bad

Ok, I’m officially irritated. 

A couple of months ago, I participated in a rebate offer from Unilever, as part of their “Making Life Better” promotion.  The offer was reimbursement of a ham or turkey, up to $25.00 (this was around Easter time), if you purchase $40 worth of Unilever products.  Well I bought the products (using coupons to keep my actual out of pocket costs down), I kept track of my receipts, I mailed it on time. 

I spent $18.00 on a ham for Easter..I’ve never spent $18.00 on a piece of meat before (mind..gutter..out!), but it was a holiday and I wanted to do something nicer, especially as we had family in town that weekend. 

So I got my check in the mail from Unilever and it’s for a measly $4.49! I’ve tried calling their toll-free number a half dozen times to trouble shoot, but am conveniently disconnected each time before I can fully explain my situation.  I’m very irritated about this whole thing.  Sure, being out $18 isn’t going to break us, but it’s the principle of it.  I obediently purchased their products, using the coupons THEY provided me with and followed their rules meticulously.  The only thing I forgot to do was photocopy everything I sent in, so of course I have no proof to provide to them…if I ever get the chance to talk to them in the first place.

No worries, I’m still going to be a coupon/rebate fanatic, but it’s a good lesson to double and triple check and then keep a copy of any kind of  a promotional offer you’re trying to cash in on.



3 thoughts on “When Good Rebates Go Bad

  1. Well, look at it this way sweetie. You’ve already scalped most of the grocery stores. Can’t win all the time. But hey.. every spare minute just call and add up their phone bill!

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