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New Neighbor

Sorry for my frequent blogging lapses.  I don’t even really have a great excuse, just been busy with work and home and not feeling very witty or pithy or interesting.  And since I know you only love me when I am witty, pithy or interesting, I’ve avoided posting for your sake.  See?  I made it all about YOU instead of me.  Just another example of my endless compassion and generosity toward others.  <Ahem…sidesteps lightning strike>  Ok, moving on…

A couple of nights ago we had an interesting visitor outside our front door.  Our first clue that something was awry is that Murphy, our gentle giant of a dog, suddenly jumped up from his apparent(ly not) slumber and start pacing frantically around the house.  Up the stairs, down the stairs, into the kitchen, back to us.  At first I thought he might have been dreaming about chasing another dog, because it appeared that he just wanted to play.  Then hubby pointed out that his hackles were raised about 4 inches off his back and I realized that was no mere excitement, that was severe agitation.  Turns out our window was open and although the blinds were closed apparently the scent of this bad guy was strong enough to elicit quite the protective response from Murph:


Yup, we’ve got a raccoon folks!  Turns out all this time we’ve left food out for the neighbor’s kitties, we’ve likely been feeding this big boy instead.  He’s super cute, but something tells me I shouldn’t try cuddling him anytime soon.

And that’s about all the news I have for now…I’ll try to come up with something else soon… I promise.. <nose grows> no really..


One thought on “New Neighbor

  1. I don’t like raccoons since they killed our ducks. I guess I hold a grudge, since that was about 5 years ago. So you can keep him up there, but I wouldn’t recommend a snuggle.

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