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Grocery Kill

The above picture represents my purchases tonight from 3 different Albertsons, utilizing their double coupons.  All together I paid $12.88.  I used coupons for everything except the 2 creamers, which were 2/$6 (the preferred brand for Meester Krahmer).  So, if you exclue the creamers, the remaining products cost a grand total of $6.88.  Is that crazy or what!?!?!?!

For this price, I got:

2 GIANT boxes of Saltines (8 plastic sleeves of crackers in each one)
2 boxes of Ritz crackers
1 box of Wheat Thins
2 jars Grey Poupon mustard
3 boxes Planters Big bars (according to Timmee, these are da bomb)
2 boxes of Bayer quick release aspirin crystals
1 box Kraft macaroni & cheese
1 package Oscar Meyer Beef Franks
2 bottles chocolate milk (only 1 shown…I got thirsty on the way home!)

If you average the cost per item, I paid less than 40 cents for each item purchased (excluding creamer).  Although, even if you include the creamer, it still averages less than 75 cents per item.  Needless to say, I’m pretty darn impressed.

I have to credit a local blogger – Sarah at A Thrifty Mom with getting me started.  I now keep a giant binder of coupons and literally spent several hours each week going through store ads, clipping coupons and matching up deals.  It seems ridiculous at times, until I come home with all the goods and see a pantry fully stocked.  I think it’s the best hobby I’ve come up with yet. 

If you are interested, here are a few sites I visit regularly to stay on top of current deals.  Keep in mind that many of these bloggers live in different parts of the country, so they may reference stores that are not local.  Just ignore those posts and read on.  If nothing else, you’ll learn the basics of couponing.  It’s not easy, but it is rewarding!

A Thrifty Mom
Couponing 101
Surviving the Stores
Shopping with Cents
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Attention Walmart Shoppers
A Full Cup



3 thoughts on “Bwa-ha-ha-ha

  1. Wow, i thought, ranch salad dressing, Mayo and 2 packages of cheese slices for $4.88 from albertson double coupon deal was good. You go Sis!

  2. Actually, that is a really good deal Spark, it’s rare to get stuff as super cheap as I have been lately. A divine combination of coupon hoarding and sales and double coupons…fun!

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