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It must be summer..

Because I’m covered in bug bites, have a sunburn on my shoulders, yet my legs are still white as the driven snow.


Has everyone else been enjoying this gorgeous weather we’ve been having?  I wish it could stay like this throughout the summer.  Tim and I spent an hour or so this evening just sitting and chatting on the back patio, enjoying the cool evening and playing with the dogs.  It was just heavenly.  I also managed to get a ton of laundry done and prep some fruit and salad items for tomorrow.  I had a sudden surge of domesticity tonight and I think Tim is quite pleased…  I find that I enjoy being productive in the evenings during the week.  It’s very satisfying to crawl into bed and know that I’ve accomplished something, even if it’s as simple as pulling all the winter clothes out of the closet & storing them in the spare room (which I did!)

In other news I’m in the midst of three great books right now.  The first one is  Brideshead Revisited, by Evelyn Waugh, which I’m actually paused on because I forgot to grab another copy at the library this weekend (mental note, add to list!)  I’m not very deep into it, but it’s nonetheless been very enjoyable.  I’m also reading Persuasion by Jane Austen and that is just sublime of course.  I’m becoming a big fan of Austen.  Mandi’s been onto something all these years..  My third read is a delightful distraction called In the Company of a Courtesan by Sarah Dunant.  It’s set in 16th century Venice and follows the story of (obviously) a courtesan and her dwarf companion/business partner as they flee Rome after it’s overtaken by Charles V.  Knowing little to nothing about 16th century times, it’s a fascinating peek into the culture & history of that age.

And now it’s off to bed before midnight strikes and I turn into a pumpkin..  Oops, too late.  🙂


One thought on “It must be summer..

  1. Of course I’ve been on to something!

    Thanks for blogging again. I missed you online…though not in person…

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