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All good plans go awry..

I had such grand plans for today.  I was going to go yard-saleing and have lunch with friends and then spend the afternoon poking around bookstores and thrift shops, searching for an inexpensive “treasure” to bring home.

Instead, I had a rough night with acid reflux and woke up kind of achey.  I took a hot bath thinking that would be a nice way to ease my body into wakefulness, but after an hour of soaking I realized that the acheyness was only worse and I was sporting a temperature of 101.  Ugh.  I have been sick so much lately, and I’m really getting tired of it.  I don’t know if my immune system is somehow compromised, making me more susceptible to every little germ or what, but this is ridiculous.  There was a time in my life when I would have actually enjoyed playing the role of the “invalid”, but now it’s just downright irritating.  I have a life to live!  Stuff to do!  Places to go!  Work to accomplish!

Thankfully, my fever has passed and the acheyness has subsided a bit.  I still feel really lethargic and weak, but I’m hoping a good nights sleep will help resolve that.  I think it’s time to invest in a good multivitamin.  The problem is I have to find chewable ones as I can’t swallow regular sized vitamins due to my lap-band.  I wish there was a liquid version.  Although something tells me if there was it would taste like crap.

I hauled my butt out of the house late this afternoon to make a run to Target.  They had some Kraft products on sale and the promotion ends today, so of course, I HAD to go!  Kraft Mayo and Salad Dressing were $1.99 apeice.  I bought two of each.  I had $4.00 in manufacturer’s coupons and another $3.00 in Target coupons meaning my total for all 4 items was .96 plus tax.  Hooray!  Nothing like saving some money to improve one’s mood.  Unfortunately, my little jaunt ended up being exhausting and I’m definitely ready for a little shut-eye.

Here’s hoping that tomorrow will be better.



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