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My Newfound Sense & Sensibility


I’m in the middle of reading Sense and Sensibility by Jane Austen and I cannot believe it took me this long to pick it up!!  It took a little getting used to the cadence and flow of the novel, but I am so enjoying it..  I’m wondering which sister I will most strongly identify with by the end of the book, as I can see in myself a bit of both Marianne and Elinor.   Austen has long been one of those author’s on my “really should read” list, yet for years the closest I’ve gotten is watching bits and pieces of various film versions of her books.  Tsk, tsk.  I’ve a lot of catching up to do. 

While I failed to complete all 20 books originally designated for reading during Lent, I do intend (strongly, seriously, intend) to continue on in the project.  Although I have found that I’ve hit a brick wall when it comes to faith-based reading.  Much like eating lots of fruits and vegetables and avoiding carbs, it’s probably really good for you – but when you eat it for six weeks straight you become desperate for a little variety.  So I’ve given myself permission to jump around in the stack and read things out of order and perhaps even peruse an “outside” novel or two.   So I’ve unwrapped all the books.  <GASP!  ..Oh who am I kidding, I love breaking rules.>  I’ll have to do another post listing the titles and soliciting feedback on what to read when…

In truth, I think Mandi may have ruined me for mediocre novels with this reading project.  I visited the library over the weekend – and anyone who knows me knows that my typical “haul” usually enumerates (cringe, did I use that word correctly?) close to a dozen books – and I came home with but three novels.  One quickly read and chucked to the side with a sigh of disappointment.  The other two look more promising, but perhaps that’s because they are not what I would normally pick out.  They aren’t high literature, but neither are they the popular fiction of the moment.  I found very little interest in the “fluff” that I’m usually attracted to.

I think the true test will be the results of the upcoming book sale at work (Sweetie, if you’re reading this, just plug your ears and go “la-la-la-la-la”)  Every year we have a fundraiser at work for the American Heart Association and people donate their used books to the cause.  The prices are cheap and the variety is pretty good, although there is a strong leaning toward popular fiction/romance novels.  I’m curious to see if I walk in the room and experience the same lack of enthusiasm that I felt at the library.  Or perhaps I’ll start drooling and scoop up every Nora Roberts novel in the room!  I’ll just have to let you know…


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