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Puppies and Kitties and Horsies, oh my!

Hubby and I are watching Animal Cops: The Luckiest Babies.  I am both horrified at how cruel pet owners can be, and amazed at the lengths local humane societies are willing to go to save these animals.  It’s also heart-warming to see how resiliant many of these animals are, going on to live happy little animals lives with better humans to care for them. 

Does this make me a bleeding heart?


Do I care?

Nah, not a bit.  I love my furry babies.


5 thoughts on “Puppies and Kitties and Horsies, oh my!

  1. Oh, I love stories like that! It enrages me when people are cruel to animals or to children. It’s so disgusting. Thankfully though there are people who work to make things better!

    My friend Karissa rescued my little kitten from some people who were going to set him loose (at 6weeks!) in the parking lot of the Boise Mall! He would have been run-over, or would have starved to death. People are awful.

  2. I checked out your husband’s blog and all I can say is… well.. how did you two hook up anyway? he certainly has a differnt outlook on life than you do.

    One visit was enough for me1

  3. Hmm. Not sure how to respond to that Anonymous. While it’s true that my husband I and have very different belief systems, I don’t think his perspectives are any less valid than mine. He’s not afraid to ask questions or challenge the norm. And he takes great delight in ruffling the feathers of people – particularly religious people – who don’t like to have their beliefs challenged. Our motto is, if you can’t handle having your beliefs challenged, then perhaps they aren’t worth having. Tim respects my faith, but isn’t afraid to question my beliefs. And vice-versa. And believe it or not, that’s part of what I love about our relationship.

  4. To Mandi & Lala, thank you for defending my honor from Anonymous.

    To Anonymous, well, you are certainly entitled to your opinion, even if you disagree with me. However, I take exception to you not being willing to stand up for your opinion by discussing it with me, rather than commenting on KK’s blog. That strikes me as cowardly, and you would certainly qualify as a person that, if you were known to me, would have no place in my life.

    KK, I’m sorry I hijacked your Comment Thread.

    Stay tuned to my blog for the rebuttal to Anonymous.

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