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What I’ve been up to

My apologies to my regular readers for being MIA for so long on this blog – about a week and a half ago my laptop flashed the blue screen of death and we had to re-order system software from Dell to get it back up and running.  Thankfully, I have my own in-house “Nerd Herd”/”Geek Squad” personnel (I mean that in the BEST of ways of course) and hubby was able to fix it for free.  Hooray!

Last Sunday, we had Tim’s dad and his wife Cheryl stop by on their way to visit family in northern Idaho.  It was great to see them, and as an added bonus, great incentive to do all the spring cleaning and yard work that we’ve put off.  Our back yard is in great condition, bushes are trimmed, weeds pulled, flower beds raked out and the house (was) sparkling.  I’ve been talking about throwing a party for about two years now and I’m thinking I’ll need to do so sooner rather than later, before things get overgrown again!  Midnight Margarita’s anyone??

In other news, I’ve been playing coupon/rebate queen and it’s turned into a pseudo-obsession that has been sooo fun.  Just the other night I hit Walgreen’s and bought the following items for just $7.18.  That’s after $4.30 in coupons and $5.00 in rebates:


I think my favorite item in this trip was the BIC Soleil shaving set.  Normally 18.00ish if purchased separately, priced at 9.99, already a good deal.  But it was on clearance for 50% off and I had another $2.00 in coupons, making the total cost just $3.00!!  This included a razor with 6 refill cartridges, lotion & a body pouf.  The chocolate was another nice bonus as I only spent $5 on 4 bags and will get my money back via rebate.

After that,  I headed over to Rite Aid and bought these items for just $9.77.  That’s after 6.05 in coupons, and $9 in rebates!




Including these shopping trips, over the last two weeks I’ve purchased $79.64 worth of products for just $29.49!  That’s over 60% savings!  And although they are not all products that we will use immediately, they are everyday items that we will use over time, and would likely have bought anyways, just individually and for a much greater cost.  The part about this that has been hard for me is that I normally never “stock up” on things.  So even though I’m getting them at a great price, I’m still spending a little more than I normally would because I’m buying ahead.  The true savings comes a couple of months from now, when I don’ t need to go buy toothpaste, body wash, shampoo, deodorant or shaving cream because I’ve got a 6 month supply in the closet.


I can’t lie, it does require some work to clip coupons, scour ads and rebate offers and match things up for the best deal.  But it’s not hard work, just time consuming work.  And if cost-cutting is a priority, it’s well worth it.  Plus, I love to shop so this helps scratch that particular itch without spending money on items we don’t need or will never use.  It’s hard to experience buyers remorse on cheap toilet cleanser and Kotex, yanno? 


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