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Lettuce, anyone?

On Sunday, Albertson’s had another batch of “double your coupon” coupons.  I just couldn’t pass up an opportunity to get a lot for a little, and I had a TON of good coupons for Kraft Salad Dressing.

So…once again using A Thrifty Mom’s method, I bought an item already on sale, used my coupon, and had the good fortune of using the “doublers” that were in the Albertson’s flyer.  This is the result…

salad-dressingIf I’d paid full price, it would have been $17.27.  I paid $2.77 for all of it.

Now, the reality is that we really don’t need any more salad dressing.  We already have 2 bottles of Ranch in the fridge.  So why buy it?  I’m so glad you asked.

#1 – I really do have a hard time passing up a bargain. 
#2 -While we may not need it now, we will eventually use it. 
#3 – Five of the six bottles can double as marinades/sauces and grilling season is close at hand. 
#4 – Hello, I have friends.  Friends who eat salad.  Friends who make marinades.  Friends who like free salad dressing! (I hope)


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