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Ephiphany! (And not the spiritual kind)

You know that scene in Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom, where Harrison Ford and his little side-kick buddy are about to be squished by stakes in the ever-shrinking stone room? And the only way for Kate Capshaw’s character to save them is for her to put her hand down a dark hole, crawling with bugs, and release the stone lever? And you see her lily-white hand grasping down the hole with cockroach and centipede like creatures crawling all over it?

Makes you shudder deep down inside, right?

Well, I think that’s how men feel when they have to get something out of a woman’s purse. Even if they know the ultimate goal is a worthy one, they also know that one false move and they could come into contact with… you know, GIRL things.  We’re talking serious, big-time cooties, my friend.  So have pity on your man and don’t ask him to dig anything out of your purse.  That’s the kind of scar that takes years to heal.



5 thoughts on “Ephiphany! (And not the spiritual kind)

  1. Haha, your brother has no problem digging through my purse when it’s HIS choice, but if I ask him to get something, he won’t… kinda like my dog and water. She plays in it on her terms, anything else is punishment.

  2. I hated that movie. But it was the first one Kyle and I watched =)
    I don’t carry a purse so this should not be a problem for me.

  3. my clever daughter!

    And may I say it not only is true of purses but of other things as well.. housework.. picking up things.. etc.

    AND have you ever noticed that once a woman does something, anything it is her permanent job from that time on? Maybe that’s why men don’t want to change dirty diapers.

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