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Saints and Spiders

I have officially started book 4 and finished book 5 in my lenten reading project.  Book 4 – St. Augustine’s Confessions is easier to read than I thought it would be, but the content is just as rich and thought provoking as I hoped.  This, along with St. Theresa’s Interior Castle, warrant deeper study and discussion.  A combination book club/study group?  Anyone? Anyone?  Bueller?


Mandi wisely offer me a chance to break up my reading of Confessions by allowing me to move forward with books 5-7, with the stipulation that Confessions must be finished before beginning book 8.  Which makes me think Book 8 must be another doozy.  Book 5, Daddy Long Legs, is a classic that I always thought I had read, but after the first chapter realized I hadn’t.  It’s truly delightful, and although it is tagged as a children’s classic, I highly recommend it to anyone.


This week has been a long one and I am exceedingly happy that the weekend is here.  I’ve already accomplished a lot around the house tonight which means I can devote the bulk of tomorrow to sleeping in, reading in bed and other degenerate behavior. 

I’ve been surprised by just how much I don’t miss television.  I have a pang of curiosity every now and then, wondering what is happening to the characters I typically follow faithfully, but I find that my attention deficit problem – LOOK A CHICKEN – is a lot better when the tube is turned off.  In fact, I find that my head starts hurting if the TV is on and I’m trying to do something else – which has definitely caused me to sit up and take notice because I’ve been known to watch TV, read a book and hold a conversation or two simultaneously in the past.

Turns out Lent doesn’t just have to be about the sacrifice – it can also be about the blessing in the sacrifice.


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