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Lent Reading Project

Ok, so here’s the final breakdown of what I’ll be doing for Lent.

I have officially given up all my typical reading habits and placed myself in the capable hands of Mandi over at 200 Books.  She selected 20 books for me to read during Lent and even went to the trouble of wrapping and numbering them in a specific order for reading.  I also get a little note inside each one that I open.


I’ve only opend one so far, which is actually my second book of the project (I had already started the first one when she began compiling the stack).  My only criteria for her is that each book I read be edifying in some manner and I preferred that the majority of them be spiritual in nature.

The first book , Interior Castle by St. Theresa of Avila was an amazing start.  Her style is a bit wandering, but engaging nonetheless and I already know it is one I will read again and again.

My 2nd book, which I just unwrapped yesterday, (!slow start!) is The Abolition of Man by C.S. Lewis.  I’m almost finished with it and it has been utterly delightful.  I’m looking forward to reading more of his works and am confident there is at least one or two more in my stack.

I calculated it out, and determined I have 42 more days to read 18 books.  That’s just slightly more than 2 books per day.  If these were my typical selection of novels, I’d say double those numbers and still be confident in my victory.  But since my reading selection for the next six weeks is made of much sterner stuff than what my mind usually feasts on, I am feeling a bit intimidated by that beautiful stack of words.  To aid both in keeping a clearer mind and to ensure that my sacrifice is appropriate for Lent, I am giving up the majority of the television I watch.  All my favorite shows are off limits, including Grey’s Anatomy, House, Private Practice, Chuck and Lost.  It’s been slightly less than a week and so far no tremors or bleeding from the ears.

I’m actually pretty excited about Lent this year which either means something is very, very wrong with me, or that my spiritual muscle is starting to develop, ever so slightly.

Here’s wishing you all have a wonderful and challenging Lenten journey as well!


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