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Cross, Maple Leaf or Marijuana?

I finally made it to an Ash Wednesday Mass today – at the 7 pm service at Sacred Heart.  This may not sound impressive to anyone, until you realize that I intended to make it to the 7 am at St. Mark’s, then when that didn’t work out, the noon service at Sacred Heart, then when even THAT didn’t work out, the 12:15 service at St. John’s – all to no avail.  Actually, those details probably don’t make it sound any more impressive either, but just trust me on this one.  I was beginning to fear that God himself didn’t want me to attend services today!  Between alarm clocks not functioning, and my inability to read correct service times, to traffic clogged streets, all of creation seemed to be conspiring against me.

In the end I prevailed and thank goodness, because I was starting to get a bit cranky about it!

Now, the reason for my title…


I wonder if people who aren’t Catholic, or who simply have never heard of Ash Wednesday, would look at my forehead and wonder if that smudge was supposed to be a Fleur de Li.  Or the leaf on the Canadian flag.  Or, even better… a marajuana leaf?!  Surely not that.

Although, on a side note, if it were a marajuana leaf, I’d look more like this…


I’m way too easily amused, aren’t I?  I hope my readers are the same…

I’ll report back with ya’ll sometime in the next couple of days regarding my Lenten sacrifice/project/plan.  I’m excited about it, which makes me question just how much of a sacrifice it will be.  To be safe, I’ve decided to severely limit/cut back on the amount of television I’m watching.  Basically nothing at all unless Hubby wants to watch the news or something.  We routinely eat dinner in front of the television (try not to cringe, we have no table at which to dine) while watching the evening news.  And sometimes I feel like it’s a greater sacrifice to WATCH the news than it would be to forego it. 

I guarantee however, that not watching Chuck or Grey’s Anatomy or House for the next six weeks will be sufficient torture to qualify as a lenten sacrifice.  Although I’m confident of my ability to survive and even thrive during this time I’m already going through withdrawal symptoms.


4 thoughts on “Cross, Maple Leaf or Marijuana?

  1. Nice stoned face.
    I’m so glad you finally made it to Mass! I heard your lament from up stairs (Sorry I didn’t come say hi, I was feeling eh) and I am happy to see a more pleasant ending.

  2. i’m not sure what to say. I all of a sudden remember a certain picture i saw of your brother with a empty beer carton on his head. He gave me some wierd explanation sort of like, your column. I really wish you kids would knock it out.. my knees are getting sore…..

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