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Does it count?


If I give up TV for lent, but allow myself to watch the news with hubby, does that count?  Am I cutting myself too much slack?  I’m torn because I live with a man who is as fond of the TV as I am, and we often spend an hour or two each night watching the news and Tonight Show before going to bed.  I don’t want to punish hubby by preventing his nightly routine.  Also, as he is not Catholic (but remains supportive), I’d like to keep it that way, and I doubt this course of action would win the Church any brownie points in his eye. 

I’ve also thought about giving up caffeine, but feel that would be a greater sacrifice for those who have to live and work with me.  Hubby suggested giving up all reading that is not spiritual in nature and judging by the knife-like pain deep in my heart, he may be onto something.  Of course, spiritual reading is still reading, and I would undoubtedly enjoy it greatly, but the thought of no variety on my nightstand is more than a little saddening.  Currently I have some really interesting titles I’m looking forward to digging into, including:

Guns, Germs & Steel – recommended by both Mandi & Julie, it’s finally been bumped up to the bedtime reading stack.
The Magician’s Book – a skeptic’s adventures in Narnia – just discovered at the library and looks intriguing.
Bonk: The Curious Coupling of Science and Sex – C’mon, you know you’re curious too!
The Riddle of the Shipwrecked Spinster – try to ignore the dreadful title.  It’s by Patricia Veryan and all of her books are delightful romps through mid-17th century England with delight characters and plots interwoven with the historical events of the time.  And it’s not smut – there’s nary a sex scene to be found in any of her books!

If I do decide to give up reading for Lent, I’m going to have to cram a lot of books into the next couple of days.  Otherwise I risk sending a stack back to the library unread (THE HORROR!!) 


Other options I’m considering giving up are:  sugar, meat and internet (gulp).

Is it bad that I have so many areas of indulgence to ponder foregoing here?


3 thoughts on “Does it count?

  1. Can your Lenten sacrifice be committing to DO something rather than giving something up?

    Cause I think you should get a friend *cough cough* to make a list of books you are obligated to read in the next 40 days. You could tell this friend *cough cough* what you want to read and then they *ahem* could incorporate some of your bedside books into an edifying list.

  2. Well, for the official answer on that, visit Sister Mary Martha’s website. She’s not cutting anyone ANY slack these days. 🙂

    However, I am intrigued by your proposal, especially if the reading list is truly edifying. Although I may have to give up something else to supplement my lenten sacrifice…

    We should talk. 🙂

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