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Five Fabulous Years

Yesterday, hubby and I celebrated our five year wedding anniversary.  It’s a bit astonishing for both of us to find that we’ve been together a total of six years now. 


I remember walking back up the aisle on our wedding day, with Tim at my side and the feeling of euphoria that washed over me as we exited the sanctuary of the church.  I gave him a big hug and said, “We did it!”  And we were both like, I can’t believe we made it to this day!

Flash forward to today.  We have endured a wealth of ups and downs over the last five years.  And yet we’re saying essentially the same to each other today as we did on our wedding day.  I can’t believe we made it this far.  Look how happy we are.  Even in the midst of much uncertainty, we are still so very much in love.  We’ve learned that disagreeing with each other does not mark the end of intimacy in our relationship, but rather offfers an opportunity to deepen it. 

I never imagined myself in a relationship like the one I have with Tim.  Before meeting him, my idea of what a love looked like was based solely on what I’d read, seen on tv or in movies, and what my own imagination conjured up – which is to say, pretty much total crap.  It’s not all flowers and love letters.  Being in a relationship is messy.  It’s hard and sometimes it hurts.  But when you are with the right person, it is also incredibly rewarding.  Tim understands me far better than even I wish he did at times.  He’s helped me see myself through a different lens and boosted my confidence in myself far more than he’ll ever know.  And sometimes there are flowers and love letters.


He’s not a perfect man.  But he is my man.  And I love him dearly.  So Happy Anniversary sweetheart.  I have every confidence that another five years from now we’ll still be deeply in love and amazed at the progress we’ve made as a couple.


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