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My Sacreligious Illiad

Saturday afternoon this last weekend found me sitting in a doctors office with a piercing pain in my lower back.  I should have been at the movies with my friend Rebecca, but while getting ready that morning my hip moved in a “funny” way (don’t know how else to describe it) and I soon found myself walking like an 80 year old woman, wishing I had a cane.

After a quick examination, the doctor proclaimed that my left Sacroiliac Joint was in “distress” and promptly prescribed muscle relaxers, pain relievers, ice and rest.  I wanted to do some research on this “Sacroiliac” thingy but was afraid I’d forget what it was called, so that’s where the Sacreligious Illiad comes from.


Turns out the Sacroiliac Joint is where the Sacrum (bottom of the spine) connects to the Illiums (those big bones that make up the pelvis) and apparently they aren’t supposed to move a whole lot.  That “funny” thing my hip did?  That was my Sacroiliac getting it’s groove on in an inappropriate manner. 

Kinda  like this:


Interesting, isn’t it?  Ok, so not really, but that’s my life people and since you have chosen to visit this blog today, you get to read the real deal. 

So now I’m basically bed bound, except not for too long because it turns out that sitting and/or laying down for long periods of time only exacerbates the problem.  So I have some really attractive stretching exercises I get to do and I’m a pro at fidgeting and shifitng positions every 5 minutes.

Thankfully I have noticed an improvement, and I should be back at work tomorrow.  Muscle relaxers are a beautiful thing, people.


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