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Vampire Dog and the New Year


Don’t panic, Maggie’s still alive and well.  This is her “I’m in deep slumber, don’t bother me” face.  You can’t tell in the pic, but her eyes are wide open.  Which is rather strange/funny for a blind dog.

I must take responsibility for her exhaustion today.  Tonight I took her on her first “real” walk, which involved actually going around the block instead of just down the driveway.  She was sooooo thrilled to be out and about and I feel guilty that I haven’t done it sooner.  Who knew?  It was doubly exciting in that I walked her with Moose, whose only speed is “OMG I SEE A SQUIRREL!!!!”  So I was doing a lot of twisty, ballet-like (ha!) moves trying to keep their leashes uncrossed.  She pooped out after just one round about the block, so I had to return her back to the house and continue on with Murphy/Moose alone.

I’m hoping all my fancy footwork burned a few extra calories than usual.  It’s the first of the year and time for the annual break-up with my unhealthy relationship with holiday food.  Since Thanksgiving I’ve been officially “off the wagon” when it comes to watching what I eat and dammit if I’m not starting to notice it in how my clothes fit!  It’s irritating how easily I can pack on 5..ok 10…ok 15 (maybe 20?) pounds with little to no effort.  I may as well have had a high fructose corn syrup drip for the last two months.  In reality, I don’t really know exactly how much I’ve gained.  I can just tell that things are fitting…tighter closer than they usually do, so it’s time to go back to the Dr, have my band tightened, and embrace salad again.  Or soup, since once my band is tightend I’m back to the “eat like your jaw is wired” diet.  Oh well, ’tis the season and all that.  Christmas is over, the weather sucks, why not embark on the impossible?


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