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In honor of the New Year,  I bring you the opportunity to get to know yourself just a little bit better via these psychology websites.  (Courtesy of the New York Times)

www.youjustgetme.com – rates your personality in categories such as outgoingness and empathy – and lets you find out how others see you.  The “I Just Get Myself” test comprises “40 easy questions, but delivers a surprisingly insightful assessment.”  Update:  My scores seemed fairly consistent with my views about myself.  I look forward to having some friends and family members rank me and see how our views compare.

www.implicit.harvard.edu/implicit – the homepage for Harvards Project Implicit, tries to show how unconscious biases can affect our decisions.  It currently features a test designed to uncover bias about race and other issues raised by this year’s presidential race.   Update:  very interesting…very interesting indeed!

www.sanityscore.com – Is “one of the best online mental health resources.”  this simple test assesses aspects of mental health, “inluding your risk of depression, anxiety, and other emotional disorders.”  Just don’t treat it as a replacement for a professional assessment.  Update:  Good News!  According to the survey I am in “Good Mental Health”.  No worries about me goin off the deep end people, so you can relax now.  The only area identified as a “potential problem” is pertaining to my relationship (sordid, contentious and sugary) with food.  Yeah, that’s a real surprise.


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