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Thanksgiving, Part Deux

Sunday, hubby and I spent the day with a close friend, celebrating Thanksgiving for the 2nd time.  Hubby had to work on Thanksgiving, and our friend missed out on the fun of leftovers, so we did the whole sha-bang.  It’s the first time I’vv commandeered a dinner of that scope all my myself and I have to say I really enjoyed it!  We did traditional fare: roasted turkey, mashed potatoes, my famous stuffing, corn, cranberry sauce and rolls. 

Lunch was followed by the almost mandatory tradition of an afternoon nap, then we bundled up and went out to look at Christmas lights.  That turned out to be the highlight of the day.  Hubby and I have a tradition of doing this every year, and we always have to stop at Starbucks and get a hot drink to sip as we drive along.

The first subdivision we hit has traditionally always been a great neighborhood for checking out lights.  In fact, I think the Christmas Lights Tour bus goes through there.  But this year it was a total bust.  Very few houses participated and the displays were not as impressive.  Not to be deterred, we wandered further down the street and stumbled upon what I think will be our new favorite destination for lights.  I will warn you that I took all these pictures with my camera phone, so the quality is unfortunately, not the best.  Sorry about that folks, next year I’ll go high tech.  I promise!

Some of our faves:

Ok, I only included this one because Santa was starting to deflate a bit and we concurred he didn’t realize that Rudolph spiked his eggnog.  Hope he sobers up before hitting the sled!

This house was quite festive, but our favorite part was the lighted sign in the yard saying “Griswolds” and an arrow pointing to their neighbors house.  If you don’t understand this reference, rent “Christmas Vacation” already!

This is the “Griswold” house.  I think my favorite part is the lighted landing strip on the roof for Santa’s reindeer.  But wait…there’s more!

On the other side of their house was this display, and a walk way to “Santa’s Workshop” – cute!!

Another favorite from this neighborhood was a Charlie Brown light/music display.  Unfortunately, my pictures of that one didn’t turn out worth a darn, so you’ll have to take my word for it.  The homeowners actually broadcast the music on a local fm station, and their display was timed to change with the music.  They had 5 or 6 little Charlie Brown vignettes that the lights switched between.  We sat there & watched a whole cycle, it was that great.

Afterward, we moved on to the foothills to visit the king of all light displays.  It’s a very nice neighborhood and every year this particular homeowner goes ALL out.  It’s actually designed so that you park, get out of your cars and walk around the driveway.  Check it out:

This is a picture of the side yard.  Again, the details are hard to make out, but there’s a blue “stream”, a lighted seal & dolphin, plenty of Santa’s and other decorations galore…

This is the main view as you walk up the drive.  There’s a “tunnel of lights” that you can walk through and a million other little things to see of course.

Also in this subdivision was the “dragon house”.  Pretty self-explanatory.

We also saw a small pack (not enough for a herd) of deer bounding along the road as we drove along.  It was snowing softly, we had Christmas music playing, and it was one of the very nicest days I’ve had this year!

 think this picture pretty much sums up how we were all feeling

Tomorrow hubby and I are headed to Wendell to spend Christmas with my family.  We’re traveling with Ms. Maggie Moo, our “visually-challenged” pooch, so I’m sure we will have plenty of stories to share afterward. 

I hope you all have a very blessed and safe Christmas!



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