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Mocking our local news team

I think our local news anchor has taken the Southern adage, “The higher the hair, the closer to God” a little too close to heart.


The picture really doesn’t do it justice.  Trust me.  It’s prom hair gone bad.

Later in the newscast, our sports anchor:


updated the viewers on the status of the upcoming “Porn-zet-tia” Bowl.  I couldn’t tell from his grin if he was embarrassed about his faux pas or if he’d just won a bet with his buddies on what he could slip into a broadcast.

Another member of the team – the primary Meteorologist, is well known in our house for having the sleaziest grin in the ads run by the station.  In fact, the observation has been made that our dog Murphy looks a lot like him…

creepy-murph   rick-lantz

Does anyone else see the similarities? 


Huh, I guess it’s just us. 


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