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Auntie KK

I am thrilled to announce that I will be blessed with another  niece or nephew next year.  The baby is an unexpected little SURPRISE for my older brother Willis and his wife Cindy.  They already have two boys, currently the only grandchildren in the family.  Thomas and Johnathan have been a delight to know and love and I can’t wait to meet the next member of their family.

Meanwhile, the only pitter patter of little feet around our house belongs to the kitties and pooches.  And while I must be honest and say that I would love to have a little one underfoot, it is not as heartbreaking to me as I thought it would be.  I love my husband dearly and I love our life together.  And tonight, sitting in our living room with the Christmas tree decorated, the candles lit, and three furry beasts sprawled in slumber across the room, I am all too aware of how blessed my life is.  The thought of another little one to ooh and aah over in the coming months, and spoil rotten as only an Auntie can, is a true joy.


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