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Cough, Sneeze, Sniffle…

Why is it when you are bed-bound due to a cold, so doped up on medicine that you can’t read, yet not tired enough to actually sleep, there is nothing remotely interesting on tv to watch?

I started coming down with a cold on Friday morning at work. I’ve been really lucky so far this year to avoid the sniffles and coughs that have started making their rounds through my office. Apparently I drew the short straw this time, and find myself with the sneezing, coughing, achey muscles, fever, and congestion that gives the makers of Nyquil a reason to stay in business. I find it to be only moderately effective as a medicine, but much more so as a sleep aid.

Perhaps things are looking up. TCM is showing the 1947 Cary Grant movie, “The Bishop’s Wife”. Just think, classic black and white, with a real plot and no gratuitous violence! I think a cup of tea and a Hall’s cough drop are the only other things I need. I hope the rest of you are all feeling more healthful than I this afternoon.

Happy late Sunday!


2 thoughts on “Cough, Sneeze, Sniffle…

  1. Sorry you’re feeling under the weather. I’ve been watching lame lifetime christmsas movies, and just slept through the last one 🙂

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