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A tale of two cats…

Remember this picture?


I leave the room for just a moment and catch our cat Fuzzy partaking of my glass of wine…

Later that evening, we found her like this:


Clearly, she had a problem.  We condcuted a kitty intervention, cut off the booze (and limited her supply of catnip just to be safe).

Imagine my surprise to walk into our bedroom tonight to this…


It’s not a great picture, but Fuzzy is drinking deep from an (old) cup of coffee that hubby left on the dresser… #1 – Ewwwwww, #2 – Clearly she’s just jumped from one addiction to the next. 

We’re worried…

Her roommate Tweak is just downright angry about it…


You see, not too long ago, Tweak had a nasty habit herself..she was hittin the weed pretty hard.  We couldn’t keep enough catnip in the house to satisfy her.


She spent hours strung out on the couch every day, waking only to scavenge the house for snack food.

Thankfully, we got her into rehab, and she was able to redirect her energy to a harmless obsession…with socks.


I don’t know if I can go through another intervention…


At least coffee seems to have a numbing effect on her…

P.S.  This really is my life.  Do not be alarmed.  I can’t be the crazy cat lady if I’m married…right?


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