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My Day

Today I drove to my parents house near Twin to use her sewing machine for awhile.  One of my homemade Christmas gifts required some stiching, and while I could have done it all by hand, I thought it would be much quicker, not to mention straighter, if I used the machine.  In the end, I still had some sadly crooked little seams, but it was still much quicker than if I had done it all by hand, so I count it as time well spent.

Mom and I made a quick trip to town to go to a Holiday Bazaar at the CSI Expo Center.  It was a total bust.  Not only do they charge you $4 to get in, the vendor selection was pretty pitiful, and there was very little variety.  Oh well, live and learn.  I did walk away with some new Scentsy wax.  Scentsy is a big hit with my hubby and I, and we made a delightful discovery this evening when we started melting a new scent – Vanilla Walnut, while hubby was brewing coffee.  The intermingling of the two aromas was nothing short of heavenly.  I think every home should smell so good!

I took Maggie-Moo with me today, as hubby had to work, and I didn’t want to leave her locked up all day (necessary to prevent “accidents”) while I was gone.  She did great on the road, and wasn’t fazed by a new houshold to learn.  The only problem was that once the sewing machine started going, she immediately became nervous and shaky.  So I grabbed her “blankie” and confined her to the guest bathroom until I was done.  Later, when I went in to let her out, I had to laugh.  Apparently her instinct in times of stress is to seek higher ground.  She managed to jump up onto the bathroom countertop, which is quite a feat for a blind dog with short legs! 

I was home by 5pm and have been spending the last hour or so surfing the net, trying to gather up the last of the materials I need for my holiday projects.  So far I’ve been having a lot of fun with the homemade gifts, but I am just barely getting started.  I’ll get back to you after Christmas to report on whether it was worth the time and effort.

On a related note, I’m seriously considering buying a food dehydrator…


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