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Did you know…

It’s been over 1 year since I started this blog?!  Finally, I followed through on something!  My mother will be so proud…or embarrassed about half the stuff I write about.  🙂  Furthermore, I’m amazed at how many visits I’ve had to this site.  5,729 “visits” so far…  True, it’s probably just 3 of my family members refreshing their browser every 30 seconds in a show of support, but nonetheless, I appreciate all my visitors.. even more so when they comment!

Today I plan on being quite productive.  (Emphasis on plan)  I’m meeting a friend for lunch, and starting my Christmas shopping.  Today is mostly about getting the proper materials on hand for the making of the gifts.  I’ll need to schedule another weekend (or two…or three) for actually assembling the items.  And it’s not all food-products this year either.  I’m branching out – NEEDLES will be involved.  And HOT WAX.  And SATIN FABRIC.  And although this might sound like the makings for a twisty date night, I actually plan on producing WHOLESOME FAMILY GIFTS from the mix.  Wish me (and yourself if you’re family) good luck!

A quick note – I’ve updated my links on my sidebar.  I’m not normally a huge online shopper – I usually do a lot of research online, but prefer to do my actually money spending in a store.  However, if you like unique, homemade items, I strongly encourage you to check out Etsy.  It’s an online communit for people to sell the things they make.  Everything from jewelry to furniture is available and there are some true finds. 

Happy Saturday ya’ll!


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