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Cooking, Needles and Poetry

Tonight I finally got around to making soup from the leftover chicken I roasted on Monday.  I really hadn’t planned on actually cooking anything tonight, but I was pretty sure the chicken was minutes away from salmonella setting in, so I couldn’t put it off any longer.  I was amazed at how quick and easy it came together.  And it got a thumbs up from hubby which is always a bonus.  I have a checkered past when it comes to my cooking skills, so I’m always overly impressed with even the slightest success in the kitchen.

The rest of my evening was consumed with household chores that I’ve been unable to stay on top of lately.  It was a productive evening overall, although both my arms are rather achey.  Partly from hauling stuff up and down the stairs, and some intense floor scrubbing, but mostly because I kick-started the day with both a flu-shot and a Hepatitis B vaccine – a needle in each arm!  The flu shot is offered every year (free of charge, yay!) through my employer, and the Hep B vaccine was the first in a series of 3 I’m required to have as a “first responder” at work.  “First Responder ” means I get to wear a groovy red vest when the fire alarm goes off and help ensure our floor is evacuated.  This means I may potentially be in a situation where I might render first-aid to someone.  Which means I may come into contact with blood-borne pathogens.  (Which sounds way cooler than it probably is) Which means I need to be vaccinated against the icky stuff.

On a more literary note, I picked up a book of poetry at the library this week and am really enjoying it.  I’m not usually a big fan of poetry, mostly because I often don’t understand what the author is trying to say.  I’m a big fan of the obvious – subtelty is rarely my friend.  However, I heard an interview with this author (Li-Young Lee) on the radio the other day (NPR) and after hearing him read a portion of his poem, “Virtues of a Boring Husband“, I had to check it out.  The poem is too long to share here, but I thought I’d post a smidgen.  This is from his book – Behind My Eyes.

“Maybe love for God amounts
to the Beloved returning
the lovers gaze.

And out of that look and looking back
all of our notions,
of space, home, distance,
beginning, end, recurrence,
death, debt, fruition, number, weight
emerge; all are issue.

of that meeting between
lover and lover, our soul’s intercourse
with what it loves.”

I highly recommend reading it out loud – slowly and deliberately.  It is beautiful..


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