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Fowl Play

I was up early this morning, wanting to make sure I had enough time to get ready for work, pack my lunch for the day, and start dinner in the crockpot.  When putting together my shopping list last week, I decided to try my hand at roasting a chicken.  I figured I could knock out two meals with one bird, by making homemade soup with the leftovers.


After reading up on various methods, I set the bird out to thaw last night, and it appeared to be ready to go by this morning.  I rinsed it out and patted it off with paper towels, and proceeded to “fish about” inside the cavity to remove the neck and giblets.  I couldn’t find them right off the bat, and realized that the inside of the bird was still semi-frozen, so I figured they must be frozen to the inside of the cavity.  5 minutes later, my fingers were tired, the birds wings and legs were flopping about the sink and embarrasingly enough, a quick glance at the wrapper revealed that the bird came “neck and giblet free!”.  (What was that my teacher always said about reading all the instructions first?)  I then proceeded to oil, season and “stuff” the chicken with herbs and sliced onions.  Unfortunately, my previous roughness with the bird caused a bit of “looseness” and every move I made caused the chicken to shoot onions out its rear like a rapid fire pistol.  By the time I was done, I felt like I should have bought the bird a drink!

The good news is that everything else went off without a hitch.  (Except our crockpot is too small!)  When I arrived home after work, the aroma was wonderful and except for the lumpy gravy, dinner turned out just fine.

Tomorrow, I plan to boil the bones with some vegetables and make stock for that homemade soup.  I have the day off from work in observance of Veteran’s Day and am looking forward to a quiet, productive day at home.


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