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We’re Baaaaccccckkkk!

I mentioned in my last post a pending road trip and I’m happy to report that hubby and I survived 25 hours of road time together over a 2 1/2 day time frame.  Sadly, at least 1 rabbit and probably a million bugs did not fare so well.

We traveled to Kingman, Arizona over the weekend to attend my father-in-law’s wedding and although I really have nothing nice to say about the scenery (desert…desert…dead animal…desert…) I enjoyed getting out of my usual routine.  We listened to a couple of books on CD on the way down and back (Dearly Devoted Dexter, LT’s Theory on Pets and most of “E” is for Evidence)… Ok, I’ll be honest, Tim did most of the listening, I was busy sawing logs in the other seat.  Something about the rhythm of the road lulls me right to sleep.  Unfortunately, it’s not a deep, refreshing sleep, but rather the kind that had me waking up with seatbelt creases on my cheek, worse bed head than I ever got at home, and a foul taste in my mouth.

The wedding took place at Hualapi (who-walli-pie) Mountain Resort about 20 minutes outside of Kingman.  It was a gorgeous setting for a simple and heartfelt ceremony.  A cow elk came down to feed outside the picture window shortly after the ceremony which only added to the rustic setting.  The bride and groom wisely kept the guest list to a minimum, which meant it was easy to chat it up with everyone there and really enjoy our time together.

While in Kingman, I had a chance to catch up with a family that I knew from my childhood – they were pastors of the church we attended and I was fast friends with their daughter.  It was fun to spend time with people who have known me since the early days.  It’s always interesting to re-visit memories and get a different perspective.  (My parents are soooo busted…)

As usual, it was fabulous to come home to our comfy bed and the animals seemed to miss us dearly.  I’m happy to report that our new dog Maggie-Moo seemed to do really well while we were away.  Our friend Julie bravely let both her and Murphy stay at her house while we were gone.  She already has two dogs, which makes her a saint in my book.  Albeit a somewhat ruffled saint by the time we returned to claim our pooches…

Now it’s back to the daily grind.  But we are already plotting the next trip out of town.  Picture a cozy cabin in February just outside of Flagstaff, complete with a nice, fake fireplace and satelite tv…beautimous!!


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