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Maggie-Moo (and I’m not talking ice cream)

Tim and I have been talking about adopting another dog for quite some time now, and I’ve been perusing the Craigslist pages faithfully for at least a month.  We’ve considered puppies and older dogs, dachsunds and schnauzers, but none of them really struck me as being the right one.  You see, whatever dog we chose was going to be “my” dog in the sense that I’ve been wanting a smaller lap-dog to love on that wasn’t quite as high-energy as our first dog Murphy.  Don’t get me wrong, I love Murphy to death.  But I was hoping for a pooch whose tongue wasn’t the size of my face.  🙂  Plus, we thought Murphy might enjoy a companion during the day when we’re both at work.

Early last week I ran across an ad for a white, Soft-Coated Wheaten Terrier named Maggie.  This particular breed is known for the fact that they don’t shed and are hypo-allergenic.  She was free to a good home, which was really unusual for her breed.  The reason why?  She was born blind, and was rescued from a shelter to prevent her from being euthanized.  The current owners were looking for a forever home for her.  I fell in love with her picture and made arrangements to go meet her yesterday.

You can guess how this ended…

Turns out Maggie loves car rides…she was uber calm, despite not being able to see her surroundings.

We got her home and slowly (somewhat) introduced her to her new digs and housemates.  So far there’s been only minor hissing from the cats, and Maggie quickly put Murph in his place when he tried to..ahem, “exercise his dominance” over her.  She’s about as submissive as I am.  HA!!!

It’s been utterly endearing to watch her tip-toe around the house, acquainting herself with all the nooks and crannies.  She’s been hesitant about the stairs, which is a good thing, but does go up and down with relative ease when one of us accompanies and encourages her.  She does periodically bump into walls and furniture, but since she’s not traveling at Mach 3 (Murphy’s usual speed) she doesn’t hurt herself, merely backs up and tries again.  She’s a quiet dog, the only noise we’ve heard her emit is a soft growl when Murph gets overly exuberant.

She’s already wormed her way deep into my heart and is a faithful snuggle companion each night before bed.  Her previous “parents” crate-trained her, so she sleeps there each night, which helps alleviate some of the jealousy from Murphy.  I think poor Murph is concerned that she’s being brought in as some kind of replacement, and has made it clear that he still expects to receive the level of attention to which he has become accustomed, lol.  And of course we will comply with that expectation…


3 thoughts on “Maggie-Moo (and I’m not talking ice cream)

  1. I was one of the owners who adopted Maggie to keep her alive. As much as it hurts to see her leave I am glad that she has found a good home

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