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All is not right in my world. 

Oh, don’t panic, I’m probably being more melodramatic than necessary (nothing unusual about that, right?).  I just feel a little off-kilter these days.  I can’t read.  And by that, I don’t mean that words have gone all squiggly and un-decipherable on me, but rather that I seem to be unable to really stay focused on any kind of book.  Which is really, really strange for me.  Usually I devour books left and right (which might explain the bloating), and if I tire of one genre or author, there’s a plethora of other options awaiting me.  But lately… I just don’t feel much like reading.  Or writing, apparently.

What have I been doing?  Playing Scrabble on Pogo.  Walking.  Riding my bike pathetically small distances.  Cleaning my house with fervor.  Studying Malandro materials for work.  Actually cooking.  Looking at dogs on Craiglist.  Watching a depressing amount of television.  I don’t know that there’s really anything wrong with any of that, it’s just not my usual repertoire.  I feel like I have a case of adult-onset ADD!

On the positive side, I have a road trip to look forward to and the recent cooling trend in the weather has been most welcome.  It means soup-time in the Krahmer household and hubby has been most delighted by the smell of homemade Beef and Barley Stew.  Yummmmm…  I’m going to try out Bean and Ham soup later this week, made from scratch with honest to goodness dried beans and ham hocks.  Not rocket science, I know, but pretty darn amazing for someone like me.  Normally I only use canned beans, but I’m branching out more these days…

Anywhoodle, there’s the scoop, folks.  I promise I haven’t joined a cult and drank the kool-aid, just been majorly distracted by life.


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