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Long time, no post

Sorry, sorry, sorry.  Once again, I have fallen off the blog bandwagon.  I have no good excuse.  It’s all work, work, work these days.  Interrupted only briefly by sleeping, eating and walking around with a lint-brush, de-hairifying (is too a word!!) my house.

Work has been insanely busy recently and I find that once I arrive home, it takes a solid two to three hours for my brain to re-boot.  And then it’s time to fix dinner and focus on some mundane household chore.  And there may be a book (or three) in there somewhere.

Last weekend I took in a movie with a friend and I’m sorry to report that I cannot, in good conscience, recommend “Nights in Rodanthe“.  I love Diane Lane and Richard Gere, but 40 minutes in, the plot fell apart and the ending was a huge disappointment.  I won’t give away the ending, but I will say it is not a feel-good, romantic film.  I did however, greatly enjoy the previews and the movie theatre popcorn.  I seriously enjoy the previews almost as much (if not more, in this case) than I do the film I go to see.  And I figure if the medium bucket of popcorn is all I eat for the day, I should still be within my targeted calorie-count/fat content.  Am I right?  Hello?

In other news, Timmy and I have another road trip coming up soon.  We will be headed back to Arizona (the 3rd time in 12 months!!!) to attend his fathers wedding.  Yes, I said wedding.  We’re both terribly excited to go, not only to celebrate the happy occasion, but also because road trips are our all-time favorite thing to do.  We’ll be leaving the 3rd week of October and of course I’ll keep you all posted.


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