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On auto’s and airplanes…

I had a very productive week and weekend.  So much so that I forgot to blog again.  My apologies Internet, life just got the better of me.  Here’s the scoop: 


First, I picked up my car from the dealership on Monday.  We were having issues with guages and check engine lights and a dead battery.  In the end we ended up replacing the battery (duh) and also the fuel pump and sensors.  You saw the bill in a previous post.  It was ugly. 

Even uglier is the fact that we had to return the car to the dealership on Friday because the fuel guage was still not working properly. It just sort of slumped over to the left…way past the big “E”, even thoug there was still 1/2 tank of fuel left.  Grrr… I was not happy, and Tim was downright worked up about it.  After much testing and troubleshooting, they said the guage cluster needed to be replaced and (rightfully so) we wouldn’t have to pay another dime for it.  Supposedly I get my sweet ride back on Monday.  I hope so, cuz I dearly miss it.

Saturday, Tim and I drove to Mountain Home for the Gunfighter Skies air show.  For those of you who don’t know Tim well, he’s a huge aviation fan.  He took pilot lessons in his early 20’s, and can easily identify almost any aircraft flying overhead, sometimes based on nothing more than the sound of the engine and the vapor trail it leaves behind.

I was impressed with the variety of aircraft that were out for display, but truthfully, cannot recall the name or function of most.  <sheepish grin>  Details on that kind of stuff have never been my strong suit.  Despite this, I still managed to have a great time, although I was forced at one point to subject myself to using one of port-a-potty’s…<shudder>

Here are a few of my favorite pics..

Hard to tell from the angle, but this propeller was easily 12 foot in span and about 20 feet off the ground.  In short…it was huge.

This reminds me of the tractors & combines I grew up with.  Except of course, this is painted camoflauge and designed to help kick enemy butts.

In one of the more impressive moments, six planes did some fancy movin and shootin and “bombed” an “enemy” target.  For our entertainment.  Strange when you think about it, but still possesing the “cool” factor.

There were a ton of other planes and static displays that we saw, but this was all I had from my cell phone camera.  Plus, I have to remind myself that your attention span might be reaching max capacity right about now, so I’ll try to keep it short.  I’ll probably fail.  But I’ll try. 

By 3 o’clock, I was sapped from the sun and fuel fumes.  (I don’t even want to think about how many thousands of gallons of fuel was burned that day.)  The show wasn’t over, but hubby agreed to call it a day and we headed out toward the shuttle pick-up sight.  The Thunderbirds were scheduled to fly in at the end of the show and we figured we’d miss them, but as we approached the bus, we heard a distant thunder and were in what turned out to be the perfect spot to watch them fly over.  Ok, so the picture above isn’t mine (my cell phone camera couldn’t focus quick enough to capture it) but this is exactly what it looked like as the planes flew overhead.  The perfect ending to a close-to perfect outing.

The only unfortunate part about the outing was my severe underestimation of just how bright the suns rays would be..as evidenced below by my raccoon-eyes and lobster skin.

I don’t think any amount of moisturizer or make-up will be able to disguise the fact that I flat out got burnt..  This is the most color I’ve gotton all summer.  Too bad it’s the wrong color..


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