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Every Rose has it’s Thorn…

My Sunday started off normal enough.  But before noon struck, I had a giant paper bag over half my torso.

You see, I had gotten up early to have breakfast at a friends house (By the way Mandy, it was lovely) and on the way home started thinking about all of the little chores I’d planned on working on.  Nothing thrilling, just laundry, vacuuming, etc., but I was excited to have some motivation for household work as it’s been noticeably absent lately.

When I pulled into the driveway however, I knew there was something I needed to do first.  You see, we have this rosebush out front of our house.  It sits to the right of the driveway and it had become so overgrown that the leaves (and thorns!) spilled over onto the concrete and gleefully (I’m certain I’ve heard it laugh on occasion) scratched the paint job on any vehicle that dared park there.  Not only that, but it was to the point where any passenger had to go completely around the back of the vehicle to get to the front door because there was no way to get past the car on that side unscathed.

So I grabbed my leather gloves and pruning shears and went to work.  Twenty minutes later, the trash bin was full and the bush was unconquered.  So I went in search of one of the mamoth lawn & leaf paper bags I bought a couple months ago.  The problem with those bags is that it’s impossible to unfold them completely and get them to stand upright unless you: A) Have arms that are 5 feet long, or B) invert the bag over your head and flail your arms about while muttering under your breath that the neighbors had better not be watching! 

Another 20 minutes later and I could see a light at the end of the tunnel:

It looks halfway decent from this angle, but the other side that you can’t see was still way out of control.  I battled on and eventually managed to remove the worst of the overgrowth.  The awful part about this was that since we didn’t do anything to it last fall, there was a wealth of dead limbs and dried petals lurking in the midst of the bush.  Oh yeah, and spiders too.  <shudder>  Oddly enough, I also found 3 foam packing peanuts and a lid and straw.  It was dense foilage people! 

As I was working on the rose bush, hubby came out and we discussed other projects we’d like to tackle.  I mentioned that I would love to paint our house numbers black and Tim disappeared into the house, emerging moments later with a can of black spray paint.  God, I love that man.  Admire his handiwork:

I don’t really know why we took a picture of the box he painted the numbers on, but likely the fumes made us think it was funny.  Who knows?  Previously, these numbers were a not-so-lovely, 80’s inspired, solid brass.  I’ve never been able to embrace the brass look, so I’m quite pleased with how they turned out.  We hope to replace the brass light fixture above them with a coordinating black lamp sometime soon.

After working his magic on the house numbers, hubby caught the pruning fever and began trimming the branches on two of the trees bordering the outer part of our driveway.  Before noon we had filled not only the big, gray trash bin, but 2 of the giant paper lawn & leaf bags as well.  Pretty dang impressive for a few hours work.  Of course, there’s a price to pay for productivity:

I was so proud of myself for wearing gloves, but clearly I forgot about anything above the wrist.  The picture doesn’t do it justice.  I had actualy blood dripping at one point.  Looked like I’d tangled with a herd of cats and come out on the losing side.   In the end it was worth it though.  We swept off the porch, hauled a truck load of crap stuff to the Youth Ranch and earlier today, Tim continued the foilage battle by pulling four overgrown bushes from the other side of the driveway.  I hated to see them go in a way, as they offered a bit of privacy from the neighbors driveway, but they were the wrong kind of bush to border anything, difficult to prune and once again requiring passengers to either exit the vehicle early or carry a machete to make it to the front door.

Remarkably, I did manage to get the majority of our laundry finished and even put dinner on the table before this day had ended.   And I think I’ve pegged the next major project to tackle in the Krahmer household: painting the kitchen.  Volunteers, anyone?


6 thoughts on “Every Rose has it’s Thorn…

  1. Quinn will volunteer. (Evil cackle) I KNOW she is great at painting. Actually I volunteer too…I just come with two non-helpers. When?

  2. Wow, so full of fun at the Krahmer house. I need to do some serious weed pulling in the Kinder back yard. Maybe next spring!

  3. Excellent! Many minions at my beck and call!!! Bwah-ha-ha-ha-ha-ha! You should all know I totally suck at painting, but offer up pretty decent food & beverages for my helpers. It helps to cut the irritation when you keep them well-fed.

    I’m thinking it will be a few weeks before we have the materials in place. I’ll send forth my summons then. And Mandy, your two boys are welcome any time. We have a fenced back yard that’s pretty harmless. Except for the dog poop…

  4. Woot for destroying the over zealous shrubbery!!!
    And I would love to help paint! I have recovered from the Veritas experience and am ready for my next painting adventure =)

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