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Productivity…at last!

Today I had one of the busiest Saturday’s I’ve had in months, and I can honestly say I enjoyed every minute of it.  I actually woke up around 8am which is pretty unheard of for me on a weekend, and started off the day helping a friend unpack a few things after her recent move to Meridian.  I don’t know how much actual help I was, but it was good to spend time with her and another friend, and check out the new digs.

About 11:45, I hustled back across town to visit with Mandy and Julie for a bit.  Mandy had decided to get a tattoo and I was going to be there to offer moral support, but she ended up not being able to do it due to scheduling concerns.  It was lovely hanging out on their new patio however, and just enjoying the conversation.  Afterwards I headed over to pick up Jane (I used to be her Nanny many years ago.  And she’s lived to tell about it.  Don’t believe anything she says…) as we had plans to see Mamma Mia at 2:35.  It was a fun movie, and although I’m not a huge ABBA fan, I did enjoy the music and have “Dancing Queen” running through my head even as I type.  Makes me want to take a vacation to a Greek island and run around wearing overalls.

After dropping Jane off I finally made it home, close to 5:30.  Having eaten nothing but popcorn and Diet Coke all day, I fixed myself a bite to eat and relaxed for awhile, watching a movie I’d recently gotten from Netflix.  Then my second wind hit me and I spent the rest of the evening (up until 11pm) cleaning pretty much the entire house.  We’re talking dishes and floors and bathrooms, oh my!  I even managed to finish up the laundry which means tomorrow I’ll be able to enjoy my day and not be stressed about having clean clothes for the week.  Always a bonus.


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