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The sky is falling!

Remember that domestic feeling I mentioned in my last post?  Hmmm…it kind of puttered out in the heat of the weekend.  Although I did cook a homemade meal last night and had a late spurt of energy this evening resulting in a clean kitchen and 2 loads of laundry down.

It’s been a quiet, lazy kind of day today.  I did venture out to buy 2 of the most important household items known to man: coffee and toliet paper.  And in this household, coffee really is more important than toliet paper most days.  Hubby simply can’t function without it.  Trust me, I’ve witnessed it firsthand.  It’s scary.

Speaking of scary things, we must now grapple with the issue of where to get our almost-daily fix of excellent coffeehouse latte’s and mochas.  Sadly, our favorite coffee shop Veritas closed on Friday and once we can rise above the grief enough to stand upright again, we’ll have to start scouting out a new place.  Veritas was just so close and their coffee was really SO GOOD, not to mention it was run by close friends of ours so there was this whole package thing going on that I doubt we’ll find elsewhere.  Unless we can ingratiate ourselves into the lives of the owners of another small coffeehouse.  Which is unlikely given that we’ll probably have the vacant, crazed eyes of those who have been without quality coffee for too long.


Tomorrow is another day.  And since tomorrow is almost today (ack!) I’m going to head to bed and try to make it a good one.


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