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I so need to get a life

If for no other reason than it will give me something interesting to blog about.  The last 5 days have been filled with work (boring), housework (double boring) reading A LOT (boring to everyone but me…usually) and sleep.  No time for deep thoughts or humorous happenings.  Just life.

On a side note, while cleaning out our office this weekend, I unearthed the following:

A lava lamp with a burned out lightbulb
A half box of Christmas cards from 3 years ago
No less than 5 “Plug-In” air fresheners (oh gawd, does my house stink?)
A copy of an essay I wrote when I was in the 5th grade entitled, “How to be Successful” (insiders note: it involves an indespensible income and nothing ever going wrong with well-laid plans)

I also was able to reunite a pair of socks that had been seperated for the last year by plastic tote and about 15 bushels of cat hair.

Maybe it’s time to consider hiring a housekeeper?


3 thoughts on “I so need to get a life

  1. That’s ok for you though, because you are reading books recognized for their literary content. I, on the other hand, just finished “The Immortal Highlander”. An entertaining read to be sure, but my mind isn’t any better off for it. Although I have developed a fondness for men in kilts.

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