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Writer’s Block

I’ve been working on a blog post for the last two days.  It’s been posted, deleted, re-written, walked away from, re-written again…and I still don’t like it.  It’s one of those “meaningful” posts that I try to post sparingly, because I have a serious phobia of scaring off the few readers I have. 

I mean, I know you (some, anyway) love me and all, but I feel a certain pressure to be witty and charming and well, interesting when I write.  It’s like playing hostess when you come to visit me.  Oh how lovely!  Thank you so much for stopping by.  I try to make sure I have a nice little tidbit to serve up.  The funniest thing happened this week, sit back, have a glass of wine and let me tell you a story…  I want your stop here to be something you look forward to.  Not like when you get invited to a party that turns out to be a dud.  You stop by, all dressed up and ready for fun, and end up stuck in the basement watching a slide-show of Aunt Ethel’s latest trip to Graceland.  Oy, my bunions were killing me that day!  Hey- would you be a dear and look at this mole on my neck?  I think it’s changing color.  It’s in and out and on to bigger and better things after a visit like that!

The problem with this approach to posting however, is that eventually you go through a dry spell where interesting material is hard to come by.  And you start questioning every post.  Was I funny enough?  Too funny?  Too crass?  Too honest?  Will they like it?  What if they don’t?  Aaaaaaaaccccccckkkkkkkkk!   Of course, this level of paranoia only breeds further writer’s block and eventually the stream of thoughts dry up all-together.  This happened the last time I tried keeping a blog and I ended up scrapping the whole thing and starting over 6 months later with Kayla Said.  This time around I was determined to write for the joy of writing and not get side-tracked by what other people thought.  (Or more importantly, what I think other people are thinking.  Which is sometimes completely off-base.  Go figure.)  Apparently it’s time to re-focus.

The good news is that I was just able to write 3 paragraphs about writer’s block, which means perhaps I’ve broken through?  I’m going back to the drawing board with the post I mentioned earlier and will, come hell or high water, get it posted sometime this week.  (On a side note, has anyone else ever wondered how the phrase ‘hell or high water’ was coined?  Did someone once set their house on fire during a flood?)

Ta-ta for now…


2 thoughts on “Writer’s Block

  1. I do check your blog daily…but I’m patient to wait for the good stuff. On the other hand I love your LOL cat posts too…

  2. Maybe they set the house on fire and THEN the high water came and neither one was very useful when it comes to posting and that type of pass time so they decided that everyone else should say it too!
    You always make me smile so you must be doing something right.

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