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2008: Year of the Road Trip

I’m sitting in Salem, Oregon right now getting ready for a friend’s wedding.  I left Boise yesterday morning before the crack of dawn (3:30 am) to make the drive.  This is the 4th official road trip I’ve made so far this year which leads me to dub it “The Year of the Road Trip”.  Which I don’t mind so much because I love traveling.  So except for the cost of fuel, it’s all good with me.

I have to say that I love the weather here right now.  It’s 75 degrees with a light mist.  Considering it was 107 degrees in Boise on Thursday, this is heaven right now.  I’m sure over time the rainy weather would be a drag, but I am sure enjoying it.  

I’ll have lots of stuff to post when I get back.  I’m hijacking an internet connection right now and as usual don’t have any way to post pics.  Go figure.  I was hoping to post all sorts of witty things but instead I’m going to try to figure out how to burn some music onto a cd so I can sing at the wedding.  Keep your fingers crossed.


2 thoughts on “2008: Year of the Road Trip

  1. You promise more pictures each time, but…. well anyway, If you’re going to keep up with this road tripping, we’re going to have to hook you up with a usb memory card reader. What kind of memory card does your camera take? I may just have an extra.

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