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Silent Mauvie is to blame

I should be asleep by now.  Instead, I’m surfing the net while waiting for my toenails to dry.  Can’t stick those piggies under the blanket (ha! I kill me) until they’re nice and dry.  It’s a new (to me) color called “Silent Mauvie”.  The brand is OPI and I like the quality of their polish (long lasting and all that jazz).  Plus they apparently employ people with my slapstick sense of humor, because they also sell “Blushingham Palace”, “Cozu-Melted in the Sun”, “Yucatan if U Want”, and my personal favorite, “Cosmo-not tonight honey”!  (Read nothing into that, I just thought it was funny!) 

At any rate, the lack of sleep should even out because by my calculations I’ve fit 24 hours of sleep into my weekend.  (Please don’t hate me Mandy)  I also managed to finish off 4 loads of laundry, which is nothing short of miraculous considering my total lack of motivation the last few days.  Now the vacuuming, dishes, dusting and general de-hairing of the house still remains to be done, but the week is young and I’m sure I’ll fit it in somewhere.


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