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I have angered the fuel gods…

I find it both ironic and exasperating that upon arriving in Couer d’Alene, a resort town, 7 hours away from home, we discover that fuel prices are a good 22 cents lower than what we paid before leaving Boise.

Here’s the Proof

Even worse, I discover that whenever my husband gets behind the wheel, my mileage magically improves by almost 30%.  (I totally made that percentage up)  I’ve been averaging 17-18 mpg in town and 20 if I’m lucky on the freeway.  On this trip the ‘Stang consistently performed at 28-29 mpg.  Hubby would have me believe it has something to do with how I’m driving.  Pfft!  As if!  I’m an excellent driver.  (Channeling Rainman here)  The car has a mind of it’s own is all.  It’s mocking me.   Please, someone, make it stop!


3 thoughts on “I have angered the fuel gods…

  1. I remembered hearing a week or two ago that the cheapest fuel in the state was at the Costco in C d’A. I saw some guy on the news talking about “hypermiling” and how you drive can really effect your gas milage. I tried to use some of his techniques, and it did help the milage, but I found it annoying to drive like that!

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