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Road Trip!!

Sorry for the shortage of interesting posts in the last few weeks.  I’ve been bent on introspection lately and figured you’d probably rather not join me in my navel-gazing journey.  Not that there was any actual navel-gazing going on, mind you.  I haven’t gazed at (or in, for that matter) my navel since at least 4th grade.  Besides, any part of your body that collects lint as a hobby is best left alone.

The good news is that the introspective phase seems to be passing.  Just in time for hubby and I to hit the road!!  In celebration of his 33rd birthday, we are heading to Coeur d’Alene for the weekend.  Our itinerary includes a seaplane tour of Lake Coeur d’Alene, a visit to an aviation museum, and Sunday brunch aboard a lake cruiser.  This will be the first vacation we’ve taken as a married couple that doesn’t involve a trip to visit family.  A couple of nights in a gorgeous hotel, insanely beautiful scenery, and the wonderful company of the man I love the most… life is good.

I’ll be taking (and hopefully posting) lots of pics while we’re gone.  Here’s hoping the weather holds and our weekends is all that we hoped and more!


3 thoughts on “Road Trip!!

  1. Almost 6 years together, and Wifey doesn’t know how old I am!! Gotta love that!!

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