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Going Green

With all the talk about living “green” I took a leap and bought our first 4 recycleable grocery bags at WinCo today.  At 88 cents apiece, I figured, “Why not?”  Apparently, you get a 6 cent credit (per bag) each time you bring them back in to bag your groceries with, so in approximately 14 vists these babies will pay for themselves!  Lol

I manged to fit our entire haul of groceries into them (although I think next time I’ll pick up an extra 1 or 2) and they’ve proven to be roomier and sturdier than plastic bags, and easier to carry than paper bags.  Since we currently have a glut of paper and plastic bags in our pantry right now, I figure we’ll try these for awhile and see how it goes.

But don’t worry friends and family.  We’ve haven’t become dyed-in-the-wool, tree-hugging, environmentalists.  (At least not yet)  This is just my attempt to compensate for the fact that we have not once taken our blue recycle bin to the curb since moving in last year.  But we are still receiving a $2 credit on our trash bill for “recycling”.  There’s probably a special section in purgatory for people like us.


5 thoughts on “Going Green

  1. We too have taken this step, however we don’t make it to winco much, so we aren’t getting any kind of credit for it. I have 2 small-ish bags from Fred Meyer, but you are right, they are deceiving, they hold far more than you would expect. They advertise that they hold 3-4 standard bags worth of groceries. Then we have 3 from Costco…. you know Costco, you can’t get anything small there! Those are MONDO bags! Pack those too full, and you need a dolly to get them from the car to the house! But no hugging of trees going on here yet!

  2. Trees are cute? Really? Seroiusly Quinn, we gotta get you out of the house more often. 😉

  3. Nice, yes as Niki said those bags come in handy for any small or large shopping, still feel a little silly hauling them around thought. Oh well, always good for a Kinder to eat, “Humble Pie”

  4. I think that it’s ridiculous that it took the “green” movement to get us away from the aesthetic horror of plastic grocery sacks. The green Winco bags are a step up but I want some classier canvas ones. Unfortunately I’m cheap and not crafty. 😦

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