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In case you’ve been missing the joys of grade-school humor, here’s a submission from “Overheard in the Office” website, a site that posts actual conversations overheard in the workplace:

4PM Why Are You Giggling, Sir?
Social worker on the phone: No sir, the hospital does not offer financial assistance for penile prosthesis. Well, have you spoken with Dr. Wang in the erectile dysfunction clinic?

Holcombe & Bertner  Houston, Texas
Overheard by: Just the Secretary

12PM Time to Consult the Oracle?

Office West Virginian: I need more samples! Does anyone know when Bill is making more samples?!
Office wise guy: Uh, Bill, maybe?
Office West Virginian: No, I already asked him and he doesn’t know.

W. Market Street
Greensboro, North Carolina

4PM Isn’t That a Stapler in Your Pocket?

Manager: Did you give up anything for lent?
Underling: Yeah. Stealing office supplies from your company. It may not be much, but I think it’s pretty good considering I’m not even Catholic.

Meacham Boulevard
Haltom, Texas


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