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Ok, this is an example of sarcasm.  Because those of you who know me well, will so not find this post shocking at all. 

You see…I locked myself out of my house last night.  Yes, I know, you would think that after being with my mother when she locked herself out of the house,  (see here) I would have been more motivated to, oh I don’t know, maybe try to avoid doing it myself?!  Alas, this was not the case.  I was getting ready to head over to a friends house, had several things in my hands, grabbed my keys, locked the door, walked out to the car…and realized I had grabbed my old set of keys.  My pre-Mustang set of keys.  With no house or car keys on it now.

You will be proud to note that I did not panic or become flustered.  Because we have a back gate, and a back door which is rarely locked.  (Burglars: please disregard this notice)  However, my smugness soon faded away when I realized that my husband had figured out a way to lock the back gate.  So I was back to square one. 

Until I eyed the ladder.  And thought, (in this order) “Do I dare?”, “Will it hold me?”, “What if someone sees me”, “I hope I can actually get the lock undone”, “I wonder if hubby put this ladder here knowing I would someday need it”.

I dared.
It held.
No one saw me (that I know of).
I did get the lock undone.  (After 10 full minutes of nail-breaking maneuvers)
I’m not sure about hubby’s intentions yet.

I felt ridiculously proud of myself for being able to break into my own house.  Clearly I need to find some other self-esteem boosting activities, but for now I’ll take what I can get.

On the agenda for today:  Making and hiding about 15 house keys.


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