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Cleanliness = Sanity

Whew!  After many (ok, only about 3) hours of hard labor (that part I’m not exaggerating), my house is finally clean.  Laundry is (mostly) done and I even managed to get the grocery shopping done and put dinner on the table.  My world is right side up again.  With all the events of the last few weeks our home was terribly neglected and sadly it showed.  But now every room except the office has gotten a serious scrubbing and I think my sanity will remain intact.

I’ve had to learn to relax a bit regarding my housekeeping habits since getting married and accumulating so many pets.  I’ve always liked having things clean and in order but I soon discovered that it’s a fast track to insanity when taken too far.  So, I try to relax and get as much done on the weekends as I can.  I know if I set a schedule and kept to it, it wouldn’t be too overwhelming.  But somehow the level of motivation required to maintain such a schedule is beyond me at this point in life.  Oh well. 

Tomorrow starts another week – my first full week of work for 3 weeks.  While I’m not exactly ecstatic about it, it will be nice to return to a semblance of normalcy. 


2 thoughts on “Cleanliness = Sanity

  1. I’m sure Oolie will be happy to have you back =)

    So at my other job, the one we don’t talk about, all the counters are stainless steel. If there is anything I hate it’s finger prints on stainless steel……talk about enough to drive you crazy! I had to learn how to let water stains and finger prints go cuz I was about ready to lose it….which, while it could have been funny, would not have been very productive.

  2. Kayla, I must dispute your statement that you have always loved cleanliness. Since when? And if this is os, why..do you always make a huge mess when you come home?…HUH? HUH? HUH?

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