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Today was a perfect mix of individual and group activities.  Mom, Val and I slept in again and took our time getting ready.  Val and I wanted to walk on the beach but the rain was falling pretty heavy and we decided to pass.  We headed out around 11 and found a few shops that hadn’t been open earlier in the week and poked around a bit.  Then it was over to Ilwaco for lunch at All the Tea and China.  They offer a variety of luncheon options on their menu, including “Elevensies” which includes various scones, tarts and, of course, all the tea you can drink.  If you’ve ever read or watched the Lord of the Rings series, you’ll probably find that title as charming as I did.  Mom and I shared a full “tea” which included little sandwiches, scones, mini-desserts and some delicous Ginger Pear tea. 

After lunch we headed back to the cottage as I couldn’t find my camera (a recurring theme these days) and mom had lost her credit card.  Thankfully, they were both found almost immediately upon entering the cottage.  Mom and Val decided to hang out for awhile and I headed out on my own to explore and snap a few pictures I didn’t get the chance to yesterday.

First, I visited the Cranberry Museum and edu-macated myself on the history and harvesting of cranberries.  Trust me when I say the aroma in the gift shop is pure heaven.

Afterwards, it was on to Cape Disappointment again, where i had a chance to snap the following shots:

Fort Canby – cool and creepy

You should have heard the sound of the waves
crashing against these rocks…


When we weren’t lookin at ocean…we were lookin’ at this

The path less traveled..at least by me.  Didn’t have time.  (Sheds a tear)

I came back and picked up mom and Val, dragged them to the Cranberry Museum, and then we poked around a bit, not really accomplishing much.

And then….out of nowhere… the SUN appeared!!! 

Val and I had mom drop us off at the beginning of the beach-side boardwalk and we walked back to the cottage.  It was SO nice to be outside for an extended period of time (about 1 1/2 – 2 mile walk) enjoying the sunshine.   Here is what we saw:

Sunshine on the water

The Seagull Unemployment Line

“Can you spare some change ma’am? “

Then it was off to dinner and back to the cottage to pack.  I have no idea how we are going to fit all our stuff back into the van, as Val bought 2 chairs and a while pillar (all for photo props) that we have to maneuver around.  I’m looking forward to getting home though.  I miss my friends (shoutout to Julie, Mandy and Quinnie!!) but most of all my dear, sweet hubby, who I hear is coming down with the flu…  I’ll be home as soon as I can guys!!!


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