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“A rainy day is a perfect time for a walk in the woods” – Rachel Carson

Today was rain, rain, rain, windy rain, and more….you guessed it.  Rain.  We slept in today and took our time getting ready.  Val made scrambled eggs in the microwave for breakfast (surprisingly good!) and we decided to spend the day checking out some of the local sights.  We headed to North Head Lighthouse and I snapped a couple of shots:

Of course, the battery in my camera died right after this shot and I wasn’t able to document the rest of my adventures.  Thankfully Aunt Val captured some memories (ha-ha, inside joke) for me, but her memory card is too large to fit in my computer, so I’ll have to share them on a later date.  After this stop, we headed down the coast to Cape Disappointment and visited the Lewis and Clark Interpretive Center and Fort Canby.  Actually, Val and I walked through Fort Canby and I visited the Lewis and Clark center while Val took pictures and mom sat in the car reading (and she wonders where I get it from!)  I loved the interpretive center, and I normally am not at all into historical sites.  Maybe this is a sign of maturity?

Afterwards, we dined at a little cafe/thrift store/consignment shop (yeah, strange) in Ilwaco and then headed over the bridge to Astoria.  We hit a few stores downtown (I hit the jackpot and found some great funky items) and as mom and Val weren’t having the same kind of retail-nirvana experience that I was, we decided to head back for the cottage.

A few notes: The Astoria-Mengler Bridge is a blast to drive on when it’s windy and rainy.  Cape Disappointment is anything but – it’s educational, gorgeous and stimulating – and this is on a rainy day! 

Once back in Long Beach we drove down to the beach to check out the Boardwalk.  There are several sculptures and even the skeleton of a Gray Whale and we snapped some great pictures – it kills me that I can’t share them with you!!  As soon as we made it back to the cottage I replaced the camera battery and took a few pictures of the place:

 The fire you see burning in the fireplace lasted for about 10 minutes – a record so far.  We’ve tried kindling, fire starters, newspaper..to no avail.  We’re considering lighter fluid, but we only have another day here, so it’s probably not worth the investment.

Instead of eating out, it was every man for himself.  I hit the grocery store and bought some stuffed salmon, asparagus and mashed potaters.  Turns out I cook better for myself on vacation than I do at home.  It was fun though, to cook purely for pleasure, and the types of foods I like.  Hubby doesn’t much care for any kind of fish or asparagus, so I don’t buy them often. 

Now my tummy is full, the girls are occupied watching TV online (?!?!) and I think I’m going to go take a nice long bubble bath.  The nice thing about old buildings is they have those humongous, old, cast-iron tubs that are good for soaking in.  And I think there’s a nice cold Mike’s in the fridge with my name on it.  As Martha would say…”It’s a Good Thing”.


3 thoughts on ““A rainy day is a perfect time for a walk in the woods” – Rachel Carson

  1. We miss you. I just delivered Julie some “survival coffee” and BTW check the flue to make sure it is open…


  2. *sheepish grin* How do you tell if the flue is open? I thought of that, but couldn’t find any knd of button or switch or anything obvious to adjust. Smoke didn’t flood back into the room, so I took that as a plus. lol

    Mandy… I miss you too! (and your coffee almost as much) I will sooo be in to see you on Friday when I get back into town.

    nwlimited – Thanks for another comment! I’m curious – how did you find my blog? I love meeting new readers, even if they are casual drop-ins!

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